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Branchburg mother and daughter psychics. Zophie and Nadej have various international degrees and certifications based on 40 + years of experience and God-given abilities of prophecy. Branchburg is the new home to the well-established psychics, opened in 2011 by Zophie, daughter of longtime area psychic Nadej. 

"My mom was the town psychic in Flemington, and has been in the area over 50 years. I inherited my gift from her and I guess you could say I'm taking over for her," Zophie explains in an interview with The Branchburg News (April 2011).

Their expert experience includes readings with palms, auras, tarot cards and using crystals and healing pyramids. Clients range from those who are just curious to those seeking spiritual cleansing. Zophie does individual sessions, workships and parties. Reading prices start at $10.

"My special gift of knowledge and spirituality allows me to help people in certain areas of their lives - love, career, family issues. I help people from all walks of life in ways others can't," Zophie explains. 'There is nothing scary or voodooistic about what she does because she refuses to "be the bearer of bad news." Zophie does not channel the dead or chart the stars but has extraordinary insight and the power to predict future events. 

"To some extent, everyone has psychic ability," she says, "I just have it in great abundance." Zophie first noticed her gift at the age of 6 when she saw glimpses of future events. Now her little boy is showing signs of having inherited that gift. Most recently he urged his babysitter to call Mom because he envisioned a traffic accident. Zophie had just pulled off to the side of the highway with car trouble and was waiting for help when the babysitter called her.

All readings are private and confidential consultations. Zophie and Nadej have provided psychic and spiritual help for heads of state, actors and members of the film industry, dignitaries, Kings and Queens, Prince and Princesses. They are world reknown clairevoyants and are fluent in several languages including English, Hungarian and Russian.